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ADA Compliant Tactile Signage


The Sign You Are
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Did you know that every permanent room or space of your business is required to have ADA compliant signage by federal law? What’s more, if your business doesn’t meet ADA regulations, you can face up to $75,000 for one signage violation and up to $150,000 for subsequent violations – ouch!

ADA” stands for “Americans with Disabilities Act” which was passed in 1990 and, as of 2011, is enforceable by federal law. Since the act was passed, all permanent signage (including exit signs) must be conveniently located and easy to read both visually and through tactile touch with braille.

ADA compliant signage plays a large role in making sure you’re providing the best experience to all your customers – including those with visual disabilities. Chances are, you’ve been to an establishment with ADA compliant signage. Below are common examples of ADA signs:

Exit Signs

Bathroom Signs

Directional Signs

Elevator Signage


The world of ADA signage parameters can be overwhelming and is subject to change year to year. We’ve outlined the most pressing, up-to-date guidelines below:

General ADA Standards:

Using Character Properties & Braille Dots for more information contact us at 916-621-0683 or email [email protected]

About Us

Nicolas Garcia began this Business in 1993 with his untimely passing in 2017 the Company changed Hands and then came back to the Garcia family, and because of  Nicolas Garcia Fantastic Personality and his ethics he built a huge following. He Did all the Signage at San Juan Unified School District, he also found his way into the DAs office and the capital he did some signage in the new Federal Building, his reputation proceeds him.  We are joined with our State of the art fabrication Department, who is the best in the business, We urge you to give us a try, we do all estimates for free and give you a fair bid all our signs are Custom made and can be etched if that's what you want since all our signs are made of stainless steel, Aluminum or Brass, we also provide Elevator Braille Signage that is state of the art. We specialize in all types of Wayfinding Signage you need. So, if you are out there and you remember working with ADA Tactile Signage and Nicolas Garcia, I urge you to give a call and rejoin Tactile Signage where we really know Braille Signage 2, our pricing has changed you will get a fair price. We have alot of experience in Signage. And we promise to give you the same honest, quick service that my Father gave you. I am his Daughter and was around this business for most of my life along with my Son, Nephew and My Mother  we promise to give you the best job in the business, So if you're looking for STAINLESS STEEL SIGNS, ALUMINUM SIGNS OR BRASS SIGNAGE WERE HER FOR YOU. Come back Home to were you got a smile every time you called and honest, integral business give us a call at 916-621-0683 or send your plans to [email protected] and if you're a business that does not do your own Stainless Steel Signs and you want to try us give us a call. We do a professional job and in your time frame, we promise.

Our Mission

    • To meet the needs of each client by providing high quality products and services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.
    • To build trust into our clients’ relationships.
    • To understand our client’s specific business need and apply solutions using our company’s areas of expertise.
    • To help our clients meet their needs through the timely, cost-effective use of technology.

Embossed or Stainless Steel Signs